, / March 29, 2023

CAADPE Seeks Support for Co-Sponsored Bill on Naloxone Distribution

SB 641


SB 641 (Roth), co-sponsored by CAADPE and the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, would require DHCS, as part of the Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP), to make all FDA-approved formulations and dosage strengths of naloxone available to eligible NDP applicants.

A sample letter of support has been drafted, emphasizing that SB 641 is a critical bill to address California’s opioid epidemic, which will save lives and state resources. 

Currently the NDP only covers the 4 mg. formulation of naloxone (narcan), which often requires the administration of multiple doses in some overdose cases. An 8 mg. formulation approved by the FDA is available for the same price, which would allow the state to distribute twice as much naloxone for the same price if it were included in the NDP.

As the letter notes, by providing additional dosage strengths and formulations of naloxone, SB 641 will help ensure that those who administer naloxone—including law enforcement, first responders, community organizations, and school personnel—have the best chance of reversing overdoses and saving lives.

CAADPE encourages members and providers to submit their own letters of support when SB 641 is heard in the Senate Health Committee. Please feel free to use the sample letter as a template.