SUD Workforce Recommendations

Removing Barriers, Expanding and Strengthening
California’s Substance Use Disorder Workforce

CAADPE Recommendations
October 2021

The CAADPE Board of Directors approved a set of substance use disorder (SUD) workforce recommendations, in a document entitled, “Removing Barriers, Expanding and Strengthening California’s Substance Use Disorder Workforce” which has been distributed to state department leaders, policymakers, and affiliate organizations. As the largest employers of SUD professionals in California, CAADPE members developed short-term and long-term recommendations to address workforce shortages. The current workforce crisis creates a barrier to treatment access for people seeking help, and is exacerbated by state laws and policies that inhibit SUD providers from recruiting and strengthening their workforce, as well as by delays and impediments in the counselor certifying process.

The document’s recommendations, including policy and fiscal issues, are broken down into short-term solutions that can be addressed through administrative actions or potentially legislation and longer term policy recommendations will require stakeholder and administrative consensus. CAADPE also recommends significant state resources to help support SUD workforce development and training.