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AB 1860: SUD Workforce Bill

CAADPE-Sponsored Bill to Address SUD Workforce Needs is Signed Into Law!

Getting any bill through the entire legislative process - from introduction to Governor’s signature - is a lengthy, difficult, and often frustrating process. So, it is no small victory when you can get a bill signed into law. CAADPE celebrates such a victory this week, with the Governor’s signature of our sponsored legislation, AB 1860 (Ward), a bill that will exempt graduate student interns who are completing supervised practicum hours working in SUD programs from the requirement to be registered or certified as SUD counselors.

The current registration requirement discourages qualified marriage and family trainees and other master-level clinicians completing their required graduate school practicums from working in SUD treatment programs. When AB 1860 takes effect in January, no longer will these graduate interns be required to register with a SUD counselor certifying body in order to complete their practicums in a SUD treatment program. This important exemption will remove a major barrier that prevents future social workers, marriage and family therapists and professional clinical counselors from gaining on the ground experience in substance use programs, and will help streamline the process for graduate students to gain critical field experience, while entering the SUD workforce sooner, so they can begin saving lives.

DHCS provided valuable technical assistance to CAADPE, as AB 1860 moved through the legislative process, an indication of the vital partnership CAADPE has with the DHCS.

Thank you to everyone who sent letters to the Governor requesting his signature of this important legislation to help expand the SUD workforce. Your advocacy worked!