/ September 22, 2023

Submit Your SB 641 Support Letter Now

SB 641

CAADPE Position: Support

CAADPE urges members to submit support letters requesting Governor Newsom signature on SB 641.

As this year’s legislative session drew to a close last Thursday, CAADPE’s co-sponsored bill SB 641 (Roth) passed both houses of the Legislature on unanimous, bi-partisan votes. SB 641 requires DHCS to make all FDA-approved formulations and dosage strengths of naloxone available as part of the Naloxone Distribution Project (NDP).

Currently the NDP offers only the four-milligram formulation of naloxone, which often requires multiple doses to reverse an overdose. By providing additional dosage strengths and formulations in the NDP, SB 641 will help ensure that those who administer life-saving emergency care have the best chance of reversing overdoses. This bill meets the need for an all-tools-in-the-toolbelt approach to combating California’s opioid epidemic.

CAADPE is now advocating with the Governor’s office, encouraging him to sign this bill into law.

Please submit your SB 641 support letter: