/ September 14, 2023

The Good News: CAADPE-Supported Bills Continue to Advance


CAADPE Co-Sponsored Bills Advancing to the Floor

As detailed in last week’s memo, CAADPE’s two co-sponsored bills have advanced to final floor votes:

  • AB 1470 (Quirk-Silva), the Behavioral Health documentation reform/paperwork reduction measure, is on the Senate Third Reading File
  • SB 641 (Roth), which adds all FDA formulations of naloxone to the state’s Naloxone Distribution Project, is on Assembly Third Reading.

CAADPE Supported Bills Nearing Final Passage

In addition, several other measures that CAADPE supports are now in the home stretch heading toward final passage:

  • AB 33 (Bains) establishes the Fentanyl Misuse and Overdose Prevention Task Force to undertake various duties relating to fentanyl misuse, including collecting and organizing data on the nature and extent of fentanyl misuse in California, and evaluating approaches to increase public awareness of fentanyl misuse.
  • AB 816 (Haney) authorizes a minor who is 16 years of age or older to consent to replacement narcotic abuse treatment that uses buprenorphine.
  • AB 1060 (Ortega) requires coverage of prescription or nonprescription naloxone under a health plan contract, health insurance policy, and the Medi-Cal program, if the medication is approved by the FDA for treatment of an opioid overdose; and prohibits a health plan or health insurance policy from imposing any cost-sharing requirements exceeding $10 per medication.
  • AB 1288 (Rendon) prohibits a medical service plan and a health insurer from subjecting to prior authorization or step therapy a naloxone product, a buprenorphine product, methadone, or long-acting injectable naltrexone for detoxification or maintenance treatment of a substance use disorder. This bill has passed the Legislature and is now on the Governor’s desk.
  • AB 1451 (Jackson) requires a health care service plan to provide coverage for treatment of urgent and emergency mental health and substance use disorders. The bill would require the treatment to be provided without preauthorization, and to be reimbursed in a timely manner.