, / March 5, 2024

Why Isn’t California Taking Advantage of a New Overdose Reversal Treatment that Could Save Lives? (SF Chronicle)

stretcher being loaded into ambulance

CAADPE has successfully placed an important Op-Ed in today’s San Francisco Chronicle. Our piece, titled “A New Overdose Reversal Treatment Could Save Lives.” This piece delves into vital developments in overdose reversal treatments and the critical need for California to embrace these life-saving measures.

Cancer treatments, new gene therapy infusions for sickle cell disease and hemophilia, and other innovative therapies are hailed as beacons of hope when approved by the FDA — yet we have a new rescue agent in our arsenal and critics are more focused on perpetuating stigma-based concerns instead of realizing the potential we have in front of us.

A product that can reverse an overdose with one dose, is inherently going to be more cost-effective than a product that necessitates multiple doses to be successful. It’s also imperative we don’t lose sight of the big picture: saving more lives from preventable overdoses.