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Our Policy Library page offers a list of downloadable CAADPE position papers, legislative reports, policy papers and video. The content is separated by topic in order to make the paper or video you are searching for much easier to locate. Scroll down to view the topic categories or click on the categories listed below to view the content.

Substance Use Disorder Professionals and Certification for California

Health Care Reform

Prison Reform

General Substance Use Disorder Treatment Recommendations

1115 Waiver

National Registry of Evidence-Based Program (NREPP) Practices

Coaliton of Alcohol and Drug Associations (CADA)

Editorials and Publications

Substance Use Disorder Professionals and Certification for California:

Counselor Certification and Workforce Development

SB 707 Counselor Certification and Licensing Recommendations

Comments Regarding California's Best System Practices for Substance Use Conditions

Supplemental and Clarifying Recommendations Regarding Experience and Scope of Practice in SB 707

Counselor Certification Regulations

ADP's Revised Certification Proposal

Major Certification Proposal Provisions

ADP Response to CAARR, Breining, and CADAAC Matrix

Professional Licensing and Certification Regulations


Health Care Reform:

Position and Principles for Substance Abuse Treatment Services in Health Care Reform

Remodeling The Drug Med-CAL Program: The Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs' Analysis and Response

Timeline for Health Care Reform Implementation: Health Insurance Provisions

Summary of New Health Reform Law

ADPI Health Care Reform in California's SUD Treatment System

Healthcare Reform: Laying the Foundation for Eliminating Health Disparites

National Policy Update: Parity, Healthcare Reform and Beyond

Issue Brief -- Moving Toward Health Equity: Health Reform Creates A Foundation for Eliminating Disparities

ADPI Health Care Reform Readiness Assessment

Healthcare Reform Medicaid Provisions and Opportunities

Studies Describe Likely Beneficiaries of Health Care Reform in California

Understanding Health Reform: Understanding the Parity Law


Prison Reform:

CAADPE Recommendations: Prison Reform


General Substance Use Disorder Treatment Recommendations:

CAADPE Position paper: Service Quality, Treatment Standards, and Accountability in Relation to Capacity and Demand

Proposal to Realign Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Treatment Programs 2011

Adolescent Substance Abuse Treatment Needs

Tobacco Use and Recovery: Policy Statement

Reclaiming Lives: A Seven-Point Plan for Reducing Substance Abuse and its Associated Negative consequences

CAADPE Recommendations: Trailer Bill Language for Offender Treatment Program (OTP):

Reduction of Rehabilitation Funding CDCR


1115 Waiver:

Recommendations for the integration of substance abuse treatment in the state's 1115 Waiver application


National Registry of Evidence-Based Program (NREPP) Practices:

NREPP Power Point Presentation


L.A. County's Response


Coalition of Alcohol and Drug Associations (CADA)

CADA Conference Power Point Presentation 2011(new)

CADA Roster 2011(new)

CADA Letter Expressing Opposition to Budget Cuts

CADA 4 Point Plan


Editorials and Publications

"Dismantling an effective system: Its all for the good of the State"



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State Issues:

CAADPE has taken the lead in the SUD community, announcing its SUPPORT for Governor Brown’s proposal to eliminate the Department of Alcohol and Drug Programs.  
In reversing its long-standing position on state governance of substance use disorder programs and services, CAADPE is taking advantage of the opportunity to “conduct business” in a different way under a redesigned state governance structure.  The CAADPE Board of Directors determined that it is time to put aside the field’s long-held fears and mistrust that the legislature, the Governor, and State administrators will allow SUD services to be diminished within a larger department. Read Letter

CAADPE Supports the Coalition of Whole Health's Recommendations-- CAADPE supports the Coalition of Whole Health's recommendations for full inclusion of mental health and substance use disorder treatment services within the Essential Health Benefits framework of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Read more.

Accountable Care Organizations add to the menu of options for providers looking to better coordinate care for patients and will make it easier for providers to deliver high quality care and use health care dollars more wisely. Click for more information

Federal Issues:

Healthcare Reform is now a Reality! Read more about the new law with this Practical Guide for Leaders

Now Federal Law:

The Paul Wellstone and Pete Domenici Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equality Act.Click here for more information.



CAADPE is a member of the State Associations of Addiction Services (SAAS)

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